The requirements for a patient to be evaluated as a candidate to undergo a Bariatric Surgery operation are:
  • -Obesity for more than 5 years and repeated failure of conventional treatment.
  • -No alcoholism.
  • -Age between 18 and 60 years (16 years in selected cases).
  • -Not have untreated depression or some other major psychiatric disorder.
Some contraindications (surgery cannot be performed in these cases):
  • -Alcoholism.
  • -Active neoplastic disease (cancer).
  • -Cirrhosis (with portal hypertension).
  • -Pregnancy.
  • -Inmobility (Dependence on a wheelchair or scooter).
  • -Drug dependence.
  • -Incapacity to adhere to prolonged treatment regimens such as vitamin intake, long-term follow-ups of your health status.
  • -Medical disability that interferes with the patient's ability to understand the risk-benefit of surgery.
  • -Incurrable or unstable pre-existing diseases (ischemic heart disease, severe and uncontrolled obstructive sleep apnea that is accompanied by pulmonary hypertension, AIDS, uncontrolled psychiatric state.
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